Gable Roof on Tower 05 systems for stage size 8x6m

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    Technical Specification 

    Combination of standard FT34 truss with Tower 05 systems turns out to be very effective and versatile option for temporary roof structure installation. Tower 05 columns ensure the ability to elevate the main roof grid in a simple and easy manner. This roof can accommodate stage size of 8 x 6 m (26.3 ft x 19.7 ft). Its clearance is 6.1 m (20 ft). The gable roof can be installed both with the top cover from PVC only or including the standard side canopies as well. 

     The top canopy support system is created by two rafters made of FT23 truss segments per side of the roof. These are securely hooked to the central top truss beam by 8001 clamps and to the main grid by specifically designed lower FT23 attachment.

     The horizontal beams are able to carry 50 kg/m (33 lb/ft), which sums up to the max. loading capacity of the roof being 2000 kg (4409 lb). The operational wind limit for using the roof system with the side canopies on all three sides is 20 m/s (45 mph).  

    Specifications  GABLE ROOF 8x6


    Max. dimensions

    10,3x7,8 m

    Max. stage size

    8x6 m

    Max. clearance

    6,1 m

    Max. height

    7,53 m

    Max. load bearing capacity

    2000 kg

    Total weight of construction

    600 kg


    Max.Load Bearing Capacity

    2000 kg

    Front Horizontal Beam

    50 kg/m

    Rear Horizontal Beam

    50 kg/m

    Side Horizontal Beams 

    50 kg/m


    TAF Truss Manual EN-CZ


    Stage size

    8000x6000 mm

    Inside width


    8220 mm

    Overall width


    8800 mm

    Inside depth


    5720 mm

    Owerall depth


    6300 mm



    6100 mm



    7532 mm

    Used Truss

    FT34 truss - box truss with 290 x 290 mm (12 in x 12 in) outside dimensions, main pipe Ø 50 x 2 mm (2 in x 0.08 in), braces Ø 20 x 2 mm (0.8 in x 0.08 in). The alloy used as material for the pipes is EN AW-6082 T6.

    FT23 truss- triangle truss with 220 x 195 mm ( 8.66 in x 7.58 in) outside dimensions, main pipe Ø 35 x 2 mm (1.4 in x 0.08 in), braces Ø 8 mm (0.3 in). The alloy used as material for the pipes is EN AW-6060 T66.

    Tower 05 - made of HT34 straight truss pieces and Tower 05 set including outriggers, hand winch, sleeve block and top section


    Wind Management

    Wind resistence is calculated with 3 side mesh canopies applied to the structure (2 side canopies and one rear canopy). The three roof walls carrying canopies must be secured by guy wire cross bracing at all times as well as the top grid horizontal ceiling. 

    Side walls guy wires min. loading capacity - 1700 kg (3748 lb)

    Rear wall guy wires min. loading capacity - 2600 kg (5732 lb)

    Roof ceiling guy wires min. loading capacity - 1000 kg (2205 lb)

    Please note that tension capacity of guy wires needs to be higher than required min. loading capacity.


    In service max. allowed windspeed - 20 m/s - 72 km/h - 45 mph



    Option 1 - 2200 kg / 4850 lb ballast underneath each tower base = total of 8800 kg / 19,400 lb


    Canopy and Side Walls

    Top canopy is available standardly in silver grey and black color. The material used is SIO-LINE B 8000 with weight of 630 g/m2.

    The side walls are covered by air permeable mesh canopies in black.


    Transportation Data

    Total weight: ca. 600 kg (1323 lb)

    Transport volume: ca. 

    All truss segments are packed in brown carton boxes for better handling and protection during transport.