TS3 Leg


Leg for TOMKOstage

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    Technical Specification 

    - height: 0,113 - 2,313 m
    - material: hardened aluminium


    Legs of the stage are made out of hardened aluminium profile that allows the legs to function as a multipurpose tool in setting up the stage and its accessories.

    First and most important feature of legs is their role in connecting stage decks together. Decks are joined together by a leg. One leg can connect up to 4 decks. This minimizes the number of legs needed to assemble the stage. Less legs means less storage room and less amount and weight for transporting. It also helps to save the time of the set up.

    Another benefit of this system is that the leg is always placed under the frame of the stage not under the plywood board.  So even when the stage is bearing a significant load the board would not get damaged by being pressed against the aluminium edge of the leg.

    The thread in the leg is well protected against damage by being placed deeper inside the leg. This creates kind of guidance for the screw. So, unless the screw is perfectly vertical (or perfectly aligned with the leg) it is not possible to fasten it.

    Legs themselves are not height-adjustable but by adding layher legs can increase the height according to the size of the layher.

    Assembly Guide for Tomko Stage

     This assembly instruction for a standard 

    modular stage 2x4m with accessories.

    Assembly time 15min / 2 person.