TS3 Adapter for stairs (set)


Catalogue no.: 1012
Universal adapter for attaching foldable stairs to the stage.

Not Available For Sale

    This combination does not exist.

    Technical Specification 

    - adapter is universal for any foldable TOMKOstage stairs
    - possibility of attaching the stairs to either the long or the short side of the stage
    - set includes: 2x adapter with a clamp, 1m a 2m tubes


    To attach stairs to a stage we use stair adapter. Stage adapter set includes 1m and 2m tubes allowing the stairs can be attached to either 1m side or 2m side of the stage and connector elements (2 pcs) that are then attached to the legs of the stage (using the groove in the leg profile). After installing and leveling the stairs we need to fix the steps by fastening the screws in the lateral profiles.