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Tower 05 set
Light duty tower version. Max.lifting height 6,5m / 500kg
Tower 1
Max lifting up to 7,5m , loading capacity is 1000kg
Tower 2
Max lifting up to 12m , loading capacity is 2000kg
PA Tower 05 for Line Array
Line Array PA aluminium support. Max.lifting height 6m / 300kg
PA Tower 1 for Line Array Speakers
Line array aluminium support.
Max lifting up to 6,6m / 800kg
PA Tower 2 for Line Array Speakers
Max lifting up to 9,25m / max.1000kg
PA Vertical Tower 1
PA Vertical Tower, up to 8m
with loading capacity up to 1000kg
TT BP base plate TAF
stee base - TAF
Base plate HK AL1 - LitePro
Catalogue no.: 01114
HK AL Lite Pro Base (1000kg)
Base HK AL1 (TT BP)
Catalogue no.: 0725
Aluminium Base Plate 1000kg
Usage indoors. Max.height 4m
8x6m with maximum weight of 3000 kg
6x4m with maximum weight of 2000 kg
5x3m with maximum weight of 1200 kg
6017 Water Tank
Water Tank for creating ballast 300kg at roof systems or towers.
TT BF Ballast frame from Tower
Ballast frame (TT BF) or base for Tower 1 ballast, e.g. water tanks, conrete blocks etc.
TT SB Sleeve block TAF
Catalogue no.: 0320
Sleeve block for Tower 1
HK 3004 Base plate 480x480x8mm galvanized (≠3113)
(13kg) galvanized plate, 4x 3113 Halfconnector M10 Global, for FT34,HT44...
HK SB sleeve block ALU
Sleeve block for Tower 0,5/1
HK uni clamp - for RST, foldable
pipes 50x2mm: 0,5-1m + 2x stabiliser Clamp 8019