TS3 Bracing set (30x5/30x5) flat rod


Catalogue nr. 1042
Flat rod 30x5mm, 1 long pcs, 1 short pcs

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    Technical Specification 

    - bracing set includes:

    Flat bar 30x5mm, 1 long pcs, 1 short pcs  / for corner bracing you need 2x sets


    To reinforce the stage TOMKOstage system offers an easy way of bracing. This is the old version. We have updated the bracing which uses swivel couplers and aluminium tube.

    Bracing is advised when building a larger stage with dynamic movements performed on it (especially stages for dance groups when a number of people moves one direction at the same time).

    For stage height over 0,8m bracing is required.