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Top with an eye for a lightweight roof
HK Al Hammer
Catalogue no.: 1067
Alluminium Hammer
Manual chain hoist 1t/10m
Chain hoist 1000kg, lifting height 10m
Manual chain hoist 2t/6m
2000kg with lifting height 6m
Manual chain hoist 1t/6m
1000kg with lifting height 6m
CHAIN - STAGE KING D8 1000kg / 16m (single brake)
electric hoist - 1Br, 1000kg/16m, IP66 protection
CHAIN - STAGE KING D8 320kg / 14m (single brake)
electric hoist - 1Br, 320kg/14m, IP66 protection
8008 Plastic cariers
Plastic carriers for FT33, HT33, FT34, HT34