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STAGE TS3 - Stage Deck 2x1 m
Catalogue no. : 1013
TS3 2-step Folding Stairs
Catalogue no.: 1005
2-step folding stairs for the stage height: 0,6 - 0,75m
TS3 Rails for 2-step Foldable Stairs
Catalogue no.: 00665
Handrails for 2-step folding stairs
TS3 Stage Rails SHORT
Catalogue no.: 0968
Rails for the 1m side of the stage
TS3 Stage Rails LONG
Catalogue no.: 0825
Rails for the 2m side of the stage
STAGE system TS3 10x8m
Stage for the interior - stage assembly from the standart decks 2x1m
STAGE system TS3 8x6m
Stage for the exterior - stage assembly from the standart decks 2x1m
TS3 Leveling Foot M20x125/48,3mm
Catalogue no.: 01304
Leveling foot for stage legs
TS3 Leveling Foot M12x125/48,3mm
Catalogue no.: 01301
TS3 Rail Support Bolt
Catalogue no.: 0962
TS3 Stage Skirt Adapter - 1m
Catalogue no.: 1348
Alluminium Adapter for attaching stage skirt
Adjustable leveling Base Jack 0,6m
Catalogue no.: 0219
for TOMKOstage leg (max ø48,3)
Adjustable leveling Base Jack 0,3m
Catalogue no.: 0382
for TOMKOstage leg (max ø48,3)
TS3 Corner Rail Adapter
Catalogue no.: 1038
Corner Rail Adapter for joining the rails together
TS3 Stage Deck 2x1,5 m
Catalogue no.: 00663
TS3 Stage Deck 2x0,5 m
Catalogue no.: 1114
TS3 Stage Deck 2x0,33 m
Catalogue no.: 00743
TS3 Stage Deck 1,5x1 m
Catalogue no.: 1119.